420 Benefit
Sponsored By

East Bay Express and Super Critical THC

What is this all about?

In keeping with Earth Day, Super Critical THC and East Bay Express are supporting the legalization of cannabis by hosting a 420 benefit. Along with the Emerald Growers Association and other organizations and manufacturers to support cannabis legalization in 2016 we are building the base for victory in 2016.  For success in 2016, over 8 million dollars will be required for acquisition, polling, drafting and launching the initiative campaign. The goal is to ensure a ballot measure that clearly represents California written by Californians. 

Who are we?

Super Critical THC is a manufacturer of safe, sustainable cannabis oil and products from small family farmers in Humboldt County who are with Paradigm Cannabis Group (www.paradigmcannabis.com

East Bay Express is the paper of record for the East Bay Cannabis Community. EBX will support this promotion with ads to benefit the California legalization effort. This 420 promotion will drive patients your way. 

What’s the deal?

When you buy 100 units of 3 grams for $54.20 per package, we contribute $4.20 to legalization efforts. These products will be accompanied by "Legalize It" stickers from ReformCA, a project of the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, to signify that proceeds from sales of these products will be donated to ReformCA, who are building the movement to legalize cannabis in California in 2016. That's a $420 donation straight to the cause of legalization. You will receive:

  • A premium CO2 oil packaged and branded.
  • Opportunity to build patient knowledge and support.
  • FREE advertising in a prominent, local publication.
  • 30 day terms and 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • An effortless way to support legalization in California
  • Advertisements run the weeks of April 8, 15 and 22
  • You may order as much oil as you need during the promotion
  • You are leaving a legacy to end cannabis prohibition in California in 2016.

Are you are going to advertise this special and send patients my way? Yes and it’s free to you!

Yes!  EBX is running one 1/2 page and 2 full page ad runs on April 15th and 22nd That's their SUSTAINABILITY special issue. As a participant in the promotion, you’ll get free advertising!

Add your logo, website and address and your location will be featured prominently in these advertisements.