100% of our products are sourced from sun-grown, heirloom, absolutely authentic Humboldt flowers, grown under obsessive control (nearly OCD!) conditions to achieve consistently high quality in every gram.

All product is tracked precisely to meet the high requirements of California law and federal guidelines. All of our products meet the highest standards and we utilize only pharmaceutical grade CO2 extraction.

When you choose Paradigm Cannabis Group as your wholesale source, you will feel confident that all of your CO2 extracted medical marijuana products consistently delivers the highest quality medicine for patients each time and every time. That’s our mission and we stand by it.

Paradigm Cannabis Group provides wholesale medical cannabis and CO2 extracted concentrates, oil, shatter and waxes to vapor pen manufacturers, dispensaries and edibles manufacturers throughout California.  Medical cannabis is available as: branded, bulk, and private label.

100% of our products are from Humboldt.  100% of our products are sun grown, all natural and organic.  Our pharma-like processing facility upholds the highest standards in cleanliness and we take pride in our methods.

We comply with all CA Laws and Federal Guidelines for wholesale sellers. Read more about the requirements for our retail partners here: 

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